Dr. Suresh

Dr. Suresh Suryawanshi

Sr. Consultant interventional cardiologist

MBBS, MD (Medicine), DNB (Cardiology), FSCAI (USA), FESC

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    Health Tip

  • People Who Laugh A Lot Are Healthier Than Those Who Don't.

    - Unknown

  • Choose Whole Grains.

  • Choose Whole Grains. Try Brown Rice Instead Of White. Switch To Whole Wheat Pasta.

    - Unknown

  • Say No To Fast Foods

  • Cut Down On Processed Foods, Sugar, Salt, And Saturated Fat.

    - Dietitian Experts

  • Health Tip Of The Week :

  • ''When You Eat, Just Eat; Aviod TV & Internet Distractions.''

    Dr. Suresh Suryawanshi

  • Walking Tip

  • Walk While You Talk.

    Dr Suryawanshi

  • Health Tip Of The Week :

  • Eating Slightly Less Than Regular Diet, All The Time & Doing Physical Exercise Is Much More Likely To Help Achieve A Healthy Weight Than Going On Different Low-calorie Diets.

    Recent Research

  • Today 31st May 2017 - "World No Tobacco Day"

  • Health Tip Of The Week : On This Day, WHO Is Highlighting How Tobacco Threatens The Development Of Nations Worldwide, & Is Calling On Governments To Implement Strong Tobacco Control Measures. These Include Banning Marketing & Advertising Of Tobacco, Promoting Plain Packaging Of Tobacco Products, Raising Excise Taxes, & Making Indoor Public Places & Workplaces Smoke-free.



So Many People Spend Their Health Gaining Wealth, And Then Have To Spend Their Wealth To Regain Their Health.

- A. J. Materi


It Is Health Which Is REAL WEALTH, Not Pieces Of Gold And Silver.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Food Importance

You Keep Good Food In Your Fridge, You Will Eat Good Food.

- Erick McAdams


An Hour Of Workout Is Just 4% Of Your Day, No Excuses.

- Unknown


The Pain From Being Overweight Outlasts The Pain Of Working Out.

- Unknown

Health Quote

"He Who Takes Medicine & Neglects To Diet, Wastes The Skills Of His Doctor".

- Chinese Proverb

Health Quote Of The Week :

"Just Like Physical Health, Mental Health Also Has Ups & Downs, And No One Is Immune To It."

Mental Health Awareness Week

Health Quote Of The Week :

''Fat Is Not A Moral Problem. It Is An Oral Problem.''

Jane Thomas Noland

Health Quote Of The Week :

"Value Your Good Health Next To A Good Conscience / Self Awareness ; Because Health Is A Blessing That Money Can Not Buy".

----Izaak Walton.

HAPPY WORLD HEART DAY - 29th September


29th September Is Celebrated As "World Heart Day". Your Heart Powers Your Whole Body. It Lets You Love, Laugh & Live Your Life To The Full. So This World Heart Day, Make Sure You & Your Family Take Action To Keep Your Heart Charged & Make A Lasting Difference To Your Health. This Year World Heart Federation's Slogan Is : Fuel Your Heart, Move Your Heart, Love Your Heart & Power Your Life. "Happy World Heart Day To You !"

World Heart Federation's 2016 Slogan

Worrying About Health Increases Heart Risk


Anxiety Is A Serious Health Concern Affecting A Large Part Of The Indian Population.

Medical News Today

High BP In Indians


200 Million Indians Have High Blood Pressure : Study In Lancet Jounal Http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/200-million-indians-have-high-blood-pressure-study/articleshow/55475547.cms

Economic Times

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